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Fix for Telegram Login Error

Version 2.7.1

Sometimes it is not easy to keep up with the constant changes the world holds for us. This time it is!

There was a change in the Telegram API that would make the Telegram plugin throw error


if you try to connect a new account.

Please update to adaptor:ex version 2.7.1 to fix this issue. To make sure all dependencies are properly updated, run a full install with

sudo npm install -g adaptorex --unsafe-perm
npm install -g adaptorex --unsafe-perm
docker compose pull


docker compose up -d

Improved Level Arguments and updated Dependencies

Version 2.7

Let us envy the brief moment in which none of the many dependencies that carry adaptor:ex shows a known vulnerability 🙏

And as it goes with updating stuff inconsistencies emerge. Luckily @taste1 took a closer look and quite some bugs could be tackled on the go. Did you know for instance, that adaptor:ex crashed if you tried to quit a session and there is another Telegram Send Message left to go? We for sure didn't...

But Version 2.7 not only brings you updated dependencies and bug fixes:

Loops and Iterations and Loops and ...

Version 2.5 & 2.6

Repeating stuff in adaptor:ex was always easy. Still have the moment in my bones when we accidentally built an infinite loop that sent the same sms nonstop via Twilio. Some 1000 messages and merely 50$ later the exciting cycle could be stopped.

From today there is more control over repeating stuff. Proudly presenting the Iterate Action that allows to easily build for each loops.

Scheduled Repetitions

Of course you can still spend your money uncontrollably. Here is how: Loops and Iterations 💸

And there is more 🌈