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Launch Session

Plugin: Control | Mode: Run

Starts a new session of the current level.

In the Live Mode chapter you will find out more about Sessions.

You can use Events to communicate with the newly created session.



The level underlying the new session. You can specify the level name, or formulate a query to select a level with a specific attribute.

Chapter5 starts the level named "Chapter5"

{difficulty:5, area:'sonnenallee'} starts a level whose attribute has difficulty value 5and whose attribute has area value sonnenallee.

You can also use variables in the query. This is how you can formulate the above example depending on the current player item:

{difficulty:[[Player.skill]], area:[[Player.area]]}


Pass level arguments to the new session.

Use Settings > add property to add an argument. Where property name is the reference name within the newly created session. The value you add to it is the item that will be passed with it.

1. open settings

2. Add an argument

3. Launch Session with Arguments

Then you can use the item in the new session as in the original session.

You can pass any number of arguments to the new session.


You can set a specific name for the new session. Note that there cannot be 2 sessions with the same name.

If you do not specify name, a unique name will be generated.


Specify a reference name under which you can address the session in this level as an item.

reference name example "MyNewSession"

Then you can use it to access the new session, for example to send or receive events into the session, to end the session, etc.

dispatch event with new session as source