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Get Item

Plugin: Data | Mode: Run

Creates a new or overwrites an existing reference to an item.

The item can then be used with the new reference name within the level like a level argument.

Learn more about Item References.



The name of the reference by which the item can then be addressed within the level.

name cannot contain spaces.


The collection that contains the item to be referenced.

find query

Formulate a database search in the style of a MongoDB find query to load the item.

find query uses JSON syntax to determine which item to get.

Find the item named "Hans Hövel":

{name: "Hans Hövel"}

Find an item whose score variable is greater than 30:

{score: {$gt:30}}

Find an item whose score variable is greater than the value in the local variable minimum:

{score: {$gt:[[minimum]]}}

You can omit the outer curly brackets in find query if you want.

multiple items

If multiple items is selected, it is possible to reference more than 1 item.

All items that match the specified find query will then be referenced by the given name.

If multiple items is not selected, only 1 item will be loaded, even if the specified query matches several items.

For details, see the chapter Variables, Data, References.


Get an item from the "location" collection into the local item reference "Location". Search criterion for the reference is that the name variable is "laboratory".

Loading an item into the level

You can then for example use the item inside the Switch action.

Use the new reference inside the switch action