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Cast Vote

Plugin: Telegram | Mode: Run

Vote in a poll or select a quiz answer using your Telegram account.

You can only vote in a poll that a Telegram account in this game has previously created with theSend Poll or Send Quiz action.

Telegram bots cannot vote in polls. Therefore Cast Vote cannot be used with Telegram bots.


Telegram Account

The telegram account that will vote in the poll or select an quiz answer. The account must be a member of the to group chat.


The group chat in which the poll or quiz was sent.


The name of the poll or quiz in which the account is casting a vote or selecting an answer.


The selection that the account will vote for in the poll or quiz.

option can be the index of the answer, starting from 0 for the first answer choice.

option can be the text of the answer. The text must then exactly match the answer text in the corresponding Answer entry.

If it is a multiple choice survey, multiple options can be specified.